Protecting your home from intruders is everything and with our fully customisable range of multi-award winning security solutions, we guarantee a system that will meet all of your expectations and leave you satisfied that your home is secure.

We Offer wired, wireless intruder alarms systems  we are confident that we have the set up to suit your needs

It doesn’t matter the size of your property we can provide security to your flat/apartments, small or medium house or barge house bungalow. With no wires, there is no fuss – so no need to take up carpets or floorboards. In each main living area, we recommend fitting a PIR motion detector. This will cover any lounge, extended corridor and bedroom areas. It is normally unnecessary to position an additional detector in the bathroom, as, should an intruder break in through this room, other detectors around the property would pick them up as soon as they exit the room. If the kitchen area is separate, then an additional detector should be positioned there, particularly if you are situated on the ground floor.

To secure your home or business, contact us to find out more.