Rather than just installing a burglar alarm system, there is a range of ways to make your home safer. You can look at each possible entry area of your homes, such as doors and windows, to see how they could be improved.

Ask yourself

  • How secure is your home?
  • Is your home open to the elements?
  • Do your windows and doors have visible locks?
  • Is it observable when you’re on holiday or away from the home?
  • How well lit is the outside of your home?
  • Is there a spare key that’s easily visible, or easy to find, such as underneath the plant pot or above the ledge on the door?
  • Are the lights on or off all the time, making it look like you’re away?
  • Do you have high walls and hedges, which could give burglars defence from being seen?
  • Are there any ladders lying around that a burglar could use?
  •  What equipment do you keep in your shed and garage?
  • How secure is the shed or garage?
  • Is it always kept locked with high-quality padlocks and security locks?

How to secure your home

  • Windows Security
  • Door Security
  • Visible Burglar alarm
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors

Home insurance and home security

Most insurers will insist on a minimum level of security before they will offer you insurance, such as deadlocks on some or all external doors. These locks will usually need to be five-lever mortise locks and have to meet a minimum standard – usually BS3621.

To secure your home or business, contact us to find out more.